The vision for ACE, Arctic Center of Energy, is to be a world-leading center for the integration of education and research to aid society’s energy transition. Through research and active projects we work with the entire battery value chain and sustainable energy transition of society – and the upskilling and reskilling needs required to make this happen. ACE is a center for learning, research and transformation.

The partnership focus on education, lifelong learning and research on sustainable energy solutions of the future that can contribute to enabling a sustainable global transformation.

ACE has the ambition to:

  • Develop northern Sweden as a global leader for new innovative working methods, solutions and technologies for sustainable energy conversion through increased electrification based on renewable energy.
  • Secure and disseminate competence, knowledge and skills for the transition to a society (eg transport, industry and buildings) with a renewable energy supply system.
  • Develop, test and prove innovative pedagogical models and platforms for the integration of education at all levels related to the electrification of society.